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PHINMA Education Network


The PHINMA Education Network (PEN) is fully committed to enhancing each school in the network. Each campaign is a massive undertaking that initiates change in many critical areas.  For example, each school undergoes extensive faculty improvement and course development.  Administrators ensure that the systems and curricula match the student body’s learning capacity to enhance academic performance.  Campus grounds are rehabilitated with an emphasis on more laboratories, classrooms, and reliable IT infrastructure.

Ensuring that life can be better with knowledge, PEN provides high quality education at affordable prices, giving access to those who need it most.  PEN students are typically children of the country’s lower income segments including farmers, policemen, public utility vehicle drivers, vendors, carpenters, public school teachers, and other government workers.

By applying sound management practices, giving importance to values formation, focusing on proficiency in English and information technology, concentrating on programs with the highest employment prospects, and strengthening its placement services through business, industry and other appropriate linkages, PEN equips its students for a competitive global market.


PHINMA Education Network
   Araullo University
   Cagayan de Oro College
   University of Pangasinan
   University of Iloilo